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Find links, to view uncensored videos, directories, and social platforms.
Cartoon Dog

Video Platform of Alex Jones. Most banned truther of all times.

Cartoon Dog

Canadian video platform. A refuge from legacy media.

Cartoon Wolf

American Free Speech Video Platform by Mike Adams.

Swimming Astronaut

One of Europe's free-speech video platform to rebel for truth.

A Natural Girl

Are you breaking free from the matrix?

List Your Business

Dino Chick

Subscription based video platform of David Icke in England.


Trump's truther site, a free-speech alternative to Twitter.

Cartoon Bear



Contactees, and Experiencers

Puppet Strings

Projects, ideas, and new inventions to help to heal our world

Puppet Show

A social media platform rejecting censorship and cancel culture.

Cartoon Animal

Gab is a home of free speech and paralell economy.

Robot playing with toy

A video platform for the disclosure movement.

Cartoon Wolf

"The content you love from the people you love"

Keyboard Baby

Socialize, connect, and collaborate one clout at a time.

Cartoon Pig

OAN One America News Network. No shadowbanning.

Carrying Pencil

Imagine a place where you can trust your social network.

Rabbit in a Hat

A social platform of Mike Lindell, the "My Pillow" guy.

Dove in Hat

A Canadian Video platform for truthers and freedom lovers.

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